The National Women’s History Museum is working to build a permanent home that integrates women’s history into the national narrative. This museum would be the first in any nation’s capital to tell the full scope of women’s contributions and accomplishments. Your contribution of as little as $5 can help in this great task. We believe if everyone gives, we can make this museum a reality.



How does your donation help?

Your donation supports ongoing efforts to build a women’s history museum in Washington, DC. Be part of history and building the first museum in any nation’s capital dedicated to displaying the entire breadth of women’s contributions to American history.  

Currently, the National Women’s History Museum is increasing the public’s awareness about women’s contributions to American history and their significant achievements through:

Education programs - developing biographies of historical women that are available to educators to help them teach critical elements of women’s history like woman suffrage, women in STEM and the progressive era.  By supporting the museum’s education programs, you help our next generation learn early about women’s contributions and accomplishments.

Expanded Access to Digital Resources - currently, we are one of the most popular and comprehensive online resources for women’s history.  Your donation helps expand our reach by allowing us to add even more digital resources about women’s history, including online exhibits.


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Women have been left out of the telling of our history. Learn why this museum is important and spread the word.

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how do you build a museum?

We believe if everyone supports the efforts, we can get this museum built. You can help.

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